Cover art of Leah Rye ep 'Elusive'

New ep!


Jul 9th 2021

With singles like Agrypnia, Movement and Mind Me she already introduced a new part of hers, but on the full EP Elusive Leah Rye shows her vulnerable side. Themes like insomnia, being in motion and getting lost from yourself are what she writes about. This self-produced EP is a very great introduction to who Leah is as both a musician and person. The EP got played on national radio NPO2, 3FM and KiNK FM and released with 2 sold out shows in Bitterzoet, Amsterdam.

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Cover art of 'Mind Me'

Mind Me

May 7th 2021

The final single before Leah's EP will be out. Dreamy indie pop where the bass plays an important role covered by electronic elements.

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Cover art of 'Foreign'


Mar 12th 2021

Float through the sparkling atmosphere of Foreign, the third single of Leah Ryes upcoming EP “Elusive”.

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Cover art of 'Movement'


Jan 22nd 2021

Feel the dance between control and letting go in Movement; about growing into your own skin in a world that is constantly changing.

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Cover art of 'Agrypnia'


Oct 30th 2020

Balancing between indie and jazz, Leah Rye uses light electronic elements on this organic track to take you to another dimension.

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