Oct 13th 2023

Ask yourself this: how often do you - subconsciously - pigeonhole someone? Probably more often than you think. It’s a trait which artist Leah Rye has struggled with out of fear for the unknown. But what happens when you want to explore that world around you? This discovery process translated itself into an album. And not just any old album: Symbiosis tells the story of someone who continuously tries to find the balance between herself and her surroundings, while getting the better of her fears by stepping into the light and putting herself first. You can certainly hear that Leah Rye has grown in confidence this past year. On this album she decided to take full control: no label, no deadlines, no commitments and full creative control. She powers on as an independent woman in a music industry which is dominated by men, in a way which feels good. Every song can be traced back to sessions with her therapist, who taught Leah to feel and observe all of the thoughts which passed her by. Symbiosis is also about connecting with both your light and dark sides. Leah Rye wants to invite the listener to leave their mind and embrace feelings.

Performed by

Lisa Rietveld, Boaz van Willigenburg, Rinke van Winzum, David Quakkelaar, Esther Koolstra, Koen Alvarez, Ruben Hein, Merlijn Verboom, Daniel van Loenen, Tim Schakel

Written by

Lisa Rietveld, Ruben Hein, Luuk van Kesteren

Produced by

Daniel van Loenen, Lisa Rietveld, Tim Schakel

Recorded at

Jerboa Mastering

Released by

Moonward Records

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