Sit Down

Sep 6th 2023

Sit Down tells the story of not just Leah Rye; but the story of all the young women around her. Unfortunately every woman can relate how it feels to be downplayed by men. If only by walking somewhere and get shouted after; if only by someone who unauthorised feels the need to touch you; it happens everywhere every time. Even in Amsterdam; one of the safest place in the world, Leah tells: “whenever I’m strolling by myself and entering a new road, I ALWAYS scan my environment to make sure there is somebody to back me up if something should happen.” Power is a weird thing. To ask someone to sit down and be on the same level, instead of standing in front of you, is a metaphor to become equal.

Performed by

Koen Alvarez, Esther Koolstra

Written by

Lisa Rietveld

Produced by

Daniel van Loenen

Recorded at

Tim Schakel, Jerboa Mastering

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